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About Alexandra Meehan

Alexandra has always been a master of words. In Elementary school, she obtained perfect scores on all English components on her standardized tests. Teachers started second guessing the eccentric girl who doodled skeletons and stole library books.

Alexandra continued to write. She began to create zines before zines were 'a thing'. Her school liked that. They also liked that she was knowledgeable of HTML, because, most 12 year-olds (back in the 90's) were ignorant to these concepts. Alexandra had already started creating websites, and she even installed hardware. She was admitted into a Lyceum to study English and the fine-arts at the highest level.

In middle school, Alexandra quickly became a leading voice in her Journalism class, which was primarily lead by herself. Alexandra and her classmates created an award-winning yearbook and won a trip to the national yearbook plant in Alabama.

In middle school, Alexandra became enthralled with literature, poetry and design. She won countless poetry contests and was recognized and embraced by the school's staff. She received college scholarships and was published in the Gainesville Sun (owned by the New York Times) Newspaper for a Shakespearean sonnet.

Though Alexandra was offered placement in magnet high schools, she opted (at the dismay of her family) to attend a public high school. She took advanced classes and continued writing in her spare time. Alexandra worked after class with professors and was given the privilege to teach her AP English class during the yearly poetry unit.

During Alexandra's senior year of high school, she (and her partner) took first place as Central Florida debate champions under the category of Public Forum Debate. She also took first prize for poetry in Alachua County's yearly poetry contest; her native county consisting of over 12 schools, participating local writers and students of the University of Florida.

After graduating high school, Alexandra took time off to live. She traveled, partied, had relationships and continued to write. She began her book, which she first called Welcome to Chaos after her stylistically epic poem Welcome to Chaos: The Misconstrued Tale of Miss Molly Madness.

Alexandra was penned Molly Madness and "Molly" by other friends, artists and writers. Eventually, Alexandra sought an artist to depict the odd flair of her writing. She was eventually introduced to artist Gabrielle Holmes, a young man residing in a desolate cabin in the backwoods of southern Florida.
Gabrielle insisted that he meet Alexandra, approve of her work and click before working with her. Gabrielle dressed like caricatures and hung razors from his ceiling. His yard was infested with wild dogs and feral cats (though Alexandra admits that she is odd, her first encounter with artist Gabrielle was frightening and intimidating). The two artists instantly bonded, and they moved forward with the development of Welcome to Chaos.

A few months down the line, and about half-way through Welcome, Gabrielle was incarcerated. While serving time, Alexandra decided to call the duo quits, as she believed that Gabrielle's art was so good that it could detour readers from her poetry.

After two years of writing, Alexandra decided it was time to go to college.

Alexandra attended her local community college, SFCC (rated #1 community college in FL, rated in the top 10 in the USA for Liberal Arts). She began school with the ambition of becoming a chiropractor. She studied Sports and Medicine and Psychology. Once she completed the first copy of her book, she had a change of heart and switched her major from Sports and Medicine to English. She excelled in her English classes and went on to focus on niche-related cousework. This stemmed from microfiction centered on addiction to upper-level poetry studies. She began tutoring friends, classmates, musicians and other aspiring writers (from all around the city).

After Alexandra graduated, she entered the service industry. She worked her way up to a manager; overseeing nearly 100 employees at one of Gainesville's top-rated restaurants. A few years later she left the anxieties of the service industry and began freelance writing. Ironically, she started as a ghostwriter for a funeral company. As her portfolio broadened, so did the job count, as well as the pressure. As a freelance contractor, she has worked as a Chief Writer while providing creative consultations and direction for companies such as Clearette, LVG Global, Dynamic Creations, Renaissance Art, Modster Technologies, Redrum E-Liquid and many more. Her journalism can be found on MAAFT while her poetry can be spotted all over the place. Alexandra Meehan has been published in numerous anthologies, including the Florida Book of Poetry and This Time Around, for sale in print via Barnes & Noble Bookstores. Alexandra continues to write and has yet to make any attempts at publishing her book, which she now calls Dessous.

Most recently, Alexandra Meehan has joined the micropoetry community on Twitter. Follow her to keep up with her short & idiosyncratic musings.



© 2015 Alexandra Maree Meehan

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